What can AI do in media and entertainment industry?

In media we process thousands of audio and video, as we take them as a content leverage state of the art artificial intelligent engines such as natural language, processing, speech recognition, facial recognition, tonal analysis, emotional sense analysis that turns data into actionable intelligence. When we consumers or other businesses can access and take advantage of its faster decisions through our cognitive media platform, we can change AI to the masses of digital assistance.

AI is changing media by enabling narrow micro targeting often on the phases of features of ourselves. It is keeping you engaged on the platform where you might be interested in knowing all the things happening around world. Whether it is a social media like Facebook, Twitter or You Tube is aligned as a process in keeping you an informed person. AI takes risks instead of humans because it has the ability to think and learn as humans. These AI data analyses doesn’t make any error and makes the decisions are taken from the previously gathers information applying certain set of algorithms. This Artificial Intelligence technology is available 24/7. It recognizes everything and doesn’t gets tired of doing repetitive jobs. A media has lot of record saving jobs that cannot be done alone with set of employees. Humans are much predictable more than we think we are, and that enables AI power in media whether a propaganda or simply an entertainment to be targeted to us, and in very narrow ways we might not expect. 

On Facebook today there is over a billion uploads a day, in You Tube there is 500 hours every minute videos uploaded. AI is not making total value of medias; human based value services also reflects on company. But we cannot disagree AI is playing an immense role in collecting data more efficiently than a human. AI is also becoming a platform for social discussions that was happening through social medias of todays. When all these Google, Facebook, Twitter, set out the right information and forms a society, they did not know that they are going to be the platforms for propaganda.


Earlier, people used to gather data from the internet and there is lot of manual process that goes into it, and collecting information from thousands of sources. But, today with AI, we can easily scrape many websites and have information or data at fingertips. AI replaced reporters on media industry and also used to first initial to finfish the quarterly earning reports. A board can just create a report immediately and that’s how the news industry gets the information and advantages they have. Recently a launch of gpd3, one of the largest language models can create contents like humans and even sometimes better than humans in some cases. It leaves huge impact on media and journalism. AI Is almost learning from the data that are humans providing. For example, You Tube and other social medias has the abilities to show videos that we like or interested, because they ultimately recognize the keywords or related genres that we previously searched of. AI create a big inroad in media and entertainment industry from advertising to distribution.

This mainstreaming technology application has been progressing at a radical pace. The industry focuses on customer-centred views and desires. It has to be compelled to place client desired at the forefront. The employment of Artificial Intelligence is primarily centred on driving higher client expertise. A set AI deals with unstructured information creating it ideal for the image, video, speech and text analysis. Incorporating AI – based content enhancements into the offerings will increase client expertise through trigger, context, intention and insight.

AI tongue process and machine learning permits turning insignificant users’ information to structured meaty information. It accelerated client engagement and engages targeted content and better validation. It additionally develops an increased video game content. AI tracks the analysis of music and voce sentiments in movies and offers time period customization, packaging and transmission of content enriching the viewer’s expertise. It pushes the media industry with innovation and interactivity. AI has profound impact on the business through inventive methods of scenes, content delivery and audience engagement. It enhances the picture characters with human counterparts such as facial expression, Gail and even a body movement that makes the audience believe the content. This revolutionary advances in Artificial Intelligence can be used for speech-to-speech voice conversation which is a great help in film making. It minimizes the lack of emotions in voices and creates voice that captures humming, giggling like subtle nuances. Also eliminates the pronunciation of unusual foreign languages. All of these are combination of classical digital signal processing algorithms with proprietary deep generative modelling techniques. This allows film makers and media to replicate anybody’s voice and this voice technology saves time. The impact of AI is already being seen in semi-autonomous game characters and opponents, computer generated imagery in films and many other areas.

According to report how Artificial Intelligence boosts industry profits and innovations?

AI is predicted to increase economic growth by an average of 1.7 % across 16 industries by 2035. AI technologies could increase labour productivity by 40% or more, thereby doubling economic growth in 12 developed nations that continue to draw talented and experienced professionals to work in this domain. As media has lot of different elements to it, a lot of what we lose in production is the metadata associated with assets, AI helps us recreate the metadata that we’ve thrown away in the production. This Artificial Intelligence in computers offers huge premise for media companies.

Rainer Keller Hals of Microsoft media and entertainment industry lead for the EMEA region says, that AI premises to transform the media and entertainment business impacting everything from content creation to the consumer experience. Ai will influence all parts of the media value chain, and helps the content creators with their creativity and production. Enhances the content consumers to find the content that matches their increase and current situation. This will assist human creativity and curiosity by helping to find out relevant content, navigating large number of contents and reformatting, re-purposing contents.  Artificial Intelligence in machines is another level of human enrichment that leads many industries and platforms to keep their data recovers and recorded easily without needing an employee to work on it day and night. These technologies are already making a big change in entertainment industry and can achieve masses if taken advantage and used well.